Are you a “Chronic Crisis Creator” @ Work?

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Proverbs 25:19 (KJV): “Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint.” 

COMMENTARY: Every owner, executive, manager and employee could be plotted somewhere on the spectrum from low maintenance to high maintenance. Within your organization, you probably have some people who could be described as extremely high maintenance. In other words, they tend to be “Chronic Crisis Creators.”  

The word “crisis” means an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in which a decisive change is impending; a situation that has reached a critical phase. One of the key ways in which someone can be a chronic crisis creator is by being unfaithful. By not handling his or her job competently, responsibly and reliably. As a result, processes break down, problems arise, expensive mistakes are made, accidents happen, and the wheels of progress slow or stop instead of humming along at peak capacity.

* One of the reasons why people may be chronic crisis creators is because they sincerely do not understand what’s expected of them. Their job descriptions are fuzzy or non-existent. They meander and ramble through the day, putting in their time while being naïve or clueless about their tasks–and the importance of accomplishing them with excellence. 

* Another reason is their work ethic. Some people simply do not care about being competent, reliable and responsible. They will do the least work possible, with poor quality, out of a bad attitude, lack of motivation, sheer laziness or disorganization. They are oblivious or insensitive to their impact on others and the bottom line. 

* Another reason is their training. Some people really aren’t well-trained on the proper ways to do their jobs. They know their job description, they understand it, and they think they’re doing fine, when in reality, their performance is marginal and disruptive.   

* Another reason is their personality. When faced with difficulties, some people mentally and emotionally panic and go haywire. They cannot handle problems. Or, they thrive on generating drama, getting attention, and having people rush to their rescue instead of solving problems on their own.     

APPLICATION: Today, pray and ask the Lord to help you to look in the “spiritual mirror.” Are you a Chronic Crisis Creator at work? If so, why? What are the core reasons? 

Are you fuzzy on your job description? 

Do you have a bad attitude? 

Are you lazy? 

Are you disorganized? 

Do you lack proper training? 

Do you have the kind of personality that panics when difficulties arise? 

Are you a Drama King or Drama Queen?  

How can you, in collaboration with the Lord, your supervisor and peers, change from being a Chronic Crisis Creator to a Consistent Crisis Avoider? Chronic Crisis Creators erode morale and add to workplace stress, chaos and confusion. 


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By contrast, Consistent Crisis Avoiders enhance peace, productivity and profitability. By doing so, they lay a foundation for enhanced job security and a better testimony for the Lord.  

Joyfully yours,  


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