Casting Out Business Discouragement


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Psalms 55:22 (KJV): “Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and he shall sustain thee: he shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.”

COMMENTARY:  It is very easy to get discouraged in today’s working world. External and internal dynamics can blow the wind out of anyone’s sails. For example, we can get discouraged due to heavy workloads (Numbers 11:10-15); defeats like losing a promotion, a major client or a big proposal (Joshua 7:7-9); failures or mistakes (1 Kings 19:2-4); or health problems that hinder us from accomplishing all that we want (Isaiah 38:9-20).

Discouragement is as common to working men and women as sipping your morning coffee. It is what you do when discouragement enters your heart, mind, body and soul that is important. Men have a tendency to go into a “cave” and brood. They do not want to talk or go anywhere. After a while, they climb out of their cave and move on. Women tend to deal with discouragement by sharing it with friends. They want to talk it through and move on.

APPLICATION: When you and your colleagues get hit with a major business discouragement, keep moving forward. Do not go into paralysis!

In 1 Kings 19:9-18, Elijah went into the paralysis of his “cave,” and God told him to get up and move forward. In Psalms 55:22, God tells us to give our burdens (including discouragements) to Him and He will keep us going. In Mark 6:31, the Lord reminds us that at times, we need to take breaks to renew. Luke 21:28 reminds us to keep a Godly perspective. For Christ followers, this world is the worst it gets. For unbelievers, this world is the best it gets. Praise God for His indescribable gift! Set the example by trusting in God and soaring like an eagle!

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