Oblivious to the Obvious


Proverbs 18:1 (KJV) “Through desire a man, having separated himself, seeketh and intermeddleth with all wisdom.”

COMMENTARY: “Oblivious to the obvious” means to be unaware or neglectful of that which is easily seen and in need of immediate attention.

If something is so obvious, how can we be so very blind to it? Sometimes it’s ignorance, and sometimes it’s denial—a refusal to acknowledge reality. If we’re not careful, our own wishful desires can blind us from wisdom, and cause us to separate things that are normally and logically joined together. Through our intense yearning for a particular outcome, we can interfere with wisdom and hinder the successful pursuit of that outcome.

APPLICATION: There are an endless variety of business applications of this Scripture in the business world. For example, all businesses must make a profit, or they will not stay in business. Revenues must exceed expenses. Accounts receivable must be current, so that accounts payable can be current. Payroll and benefits must be in-line with the company’s financial resources.

Many employees and their families do not understand the arithmetic of running a business. Some are simply ignorant. Others do not want to understand. In their relentless pursuit of career, higher pay, more benefits, a bigger house and more “stuff,” they blindly push management for more. When push comes to shove, employees get laid off, businesses close or move away. By meddling with wisdom, a man or woman can hinder or destroy the very dream that he or she yearns for! Do not self-destruct by meddling with wisdom. Be reasonable. Pray for wisdom. Instead of battling with management, minister to them. God is fully capable of giving you wisdom, raising you up, and making you a modern-day Joseph right where you are.

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