Work is a blessing, not a curse.Thank God it’s Monday! Bridge the Sunday gap to Monday.Bridge the Sacred and Secular divide.Work is a ministry, not just a job.Work as Worship – work is more than a paycheck.Receive blessings from God and be a blessing at work.Keep an empty seat for Jesus at work – a reminder to invite Jesus to intervene, integrate our faith at work.Take Jesus to work – don’t leave Jesus at home. Don’t lock Jesus outside of your office.Embrace and enjoy our work with God’s 5P blessings – His Presence, Power, Promises, Provisions, Pleasant surprises.

How we respond to God as we are Called To Work

Called To Work is a global workplace ministry founded in 1996, based in US, with speaking, partnership and resources reaching around the world.

Originally launched in New Jersey through AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Rutgers Community Christian Church in Somerset, New Jersey, Called To Work is now affiliated with Northeast Christians At Work based in Vernon, Connecticut.

Called To Work is led by Founder and Co-Chair Elaine Kung and Co-Chair Drew Crandall. Both have extensive experience integrating faith and work within their various spheres of influence. Elaine is now based in California and speaks around the world, expanding the ministry with coast to coast and global footprints.

Vision: Advance God’s kingdom in the workplace around the world through Discipleship and Evangelism of working Christians as Spirit-filled Ambassadors for Christ in their everyday lives.

Mission: Encourage workers, Equip leaders and organizations, Expand workplace ministry partnerships and geographic networks in the US and beyond.

Ministry Resources: Provide a scalable framework of workplace Christianity resources and best practices that can be applied individually, in small groups or large organizations.

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Called To Work began as an annual workplace Christianity and Professional Development conference founded by Elaine Kung, AT&T Director, and hosted by Rutgers Community Christian Church in Somerset, NJ. The Conference was founded by Elaine Kung, a long-time manager at AT&T and Jason Browning, a long-time manager at Lucent Technologies. Both were active in their respective corporation’s Christian cultural diversity groups, and they shared a desire to host a Christian-oriented professional development conference for their coworkers and the general public. The inspiration for the name, “Called To Work,” came from Karen Johnson Moy, a management consultant and former White House staff member who delivered the themed keynote address by the same title, “Called To Work” at the ministry kickoff conference in 1996. Moy had observed that many Christians in the workplace felt inferior because they were not in so-called “full-time Christian ministry” like pastors, teachers, and missionaries. Moy was persuaded that, in reality, all Christians have a divine calling and that many are “called to work” in business, non-profits, institutions, and government. In the fall of 2001, after 9/11, Northeast Christians At Work became active in Called To Work.


“The conference was spiritually uplifting and practical. Very timely and useful topics that I can take back to the workplace.”
“Down-to-earth speakers, addressed real-life issues I face every day.”
“Excellent speakers and workshops!”
“An eye-opening experience. The energy is evident and the program is excellent.”
“Excellent topic on integration of Christianity and professionalism.”
“Very meaty. Thank you!”