Mentor Younger Workers


Titus 2:4a, 6 (KJV): “That they may teach the young women to be sober…Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.”

COMMENTARY: As a pastor at Crete, Titus had a big challenge trying to organize the early church. He urged everyone to take an active role in building a constructive, Godly church culture. He urged older believers to teach younger believers and pass along valuable, Godly knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

APPLICATION: It is crucial that older Christian business owners, partners, managers and employees mentor younger Christian men and women in the workplace. These younger workers need to know how to have a Godly work attitude and work ethic. If they do, they will be blessed for years to come. If they don’t, unless God intercedes, they will struggle for years to come.

How young people handle their jobs can either be a springboard for a successful, fruitful career climb or a slippery slide into chaos, poverty and unfruitfulness. Not only do ungodly attitudes and work ethics hinder young people; they hinder the organizations for which these people work. They also hinder the testimony and cause of Christ.

What are you doing to pass along Godly wisdom to others at work?

Joyfully yours,


For Further Exploration

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